Benjamin J Kamp

I'm a software developer with a passion for learning and pushing myself to my limits. I am also a biker, a photographer and a traveler, with a passion for stunning audio.


Latest Destinations

Notre Dame

Visited Paris to see Notre Dame and other key destinations within.

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Young Female Lion

Part of a safari tour in Tanzania, Africa.

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Two Male Lions

Posing off in the distance for a great cover photo.

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Audio Production Demo

Watch a demo of some of the audio I have produced on various projects.

Work Experiences

  • Teaching Assistant

    Actualize Coding Bootcamp


    Assist lead instructor in identifying areas that students need extra attention and guidance with

    Ensure students progress through an optimal learning experience and gain the guidance needed to excel

  • Web Developer

    Golf Tournament Tracker: Built a website that allows golf players in an organized tournament to sign up and track scores for each round, using Rails for the API and Vue.js for the front-end. Commissioners can create a tournament and manage match schedules and scoring, while all players can log their individual scores and see scores update live. Utilizes a bootstrap theme to incorporate modern visual stylings and intuitive site navigation.

    Bootcamp: Completed the intensive, 4-month Actualize bootcamp and learned Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Vue.js. Learned how to think like a software engineer and gained the ability to tackle any new technology.

  • Pete's Pizzeria & Bakehouse



    Optimize Point-Of-Sale software to deliver efficient service time and facilitate increased sales potential

    Maintain strong operations through hiring, training, and efficient scheduling of dedicated employees

Professional Skills

Top Skills

Ruby on Rails

Proficient in creating APIs using Rails with Ruby Logic


Experienced in creating beautiful web pages using the Vue.js framework to interact with complex APIs.


Well-versed in querying and interacting with SQL databases.

Other Skills

HTML 5 Bootstrap React CSS 3 Git Linux Java Python MVC WordPress TDD


Web Development

Actualize Coding Bootcamp

Gained knowledge and experience building web applications utilizing the following tech:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.Js
  • Bootstrap

Recording Arts

Tribeca Flashpoint College

Gained knowledge and experience recording audio, building soundscapes and mixing music.

  • Pro Tools
  • Foley
  • Studio Recording
  • Location Audio



About me

I'm a software developer with a passion for learning and pushing myself to my limits. I have determined that only while constantly raising the bar can I improve the quality of the products I contribute to.

My experiences learning sound design and working on game development teams showed me my passion for collaborating with others on technical projects to accomplish something greater. Working in tandem with people of various backgrounds and specialties can result in a combination of perspectives that leads to a more polished product. I enjoy embracing this type of work culture and pushing for higher standards throughout.

Working in the restaurant industry, I found opportunities to expand and utilize my skills to administer and optimize software used to assist customers and track user consumption data. I enjoy looking for ways to optimize processes and tools, and this was a great platform to practice this and learn about focusing on the clients' needs as well.

I am excited to use my diverse experiences and skill sets to build and improve applications with a focus on improving the user experience.


City: Chicago, IL 60618


Phone: (773) 930-8591